Homemade Sardininan ravioli

What we do

We are a street food company and we specalise in Sardinian ravioli. Officially called “Culurgiones”, our ravioli are individually handmade from scratch, and are served with our own homemade sauces.

Come find us at food markets across London, or hire us to cater for your private event!

We also supply restaurants with our culurgiones, so get in touch if you would like to add this delicious Sardininan dish to your menu!

What you can expect at our stall…

Traditional Culurgiones

with Classic Tomato

The original culurgiones, filled with potato, pecorino and mint, served with a tomato sauce

Beetroot Culurgiones

with Sage Butter

Beetroot culurgiones, filled with potato, goats cheese, ricotta and truffle oil, served with burnt butter, sage and almonds

Squid Ink Culurgiones

with smoked salmon

Squid ink culurgiones, filled with potato, cod and ricotta, served with a creamy smoked salmon sauce

Our Ethos

We only use the best local and Sardinian produce in all our recipes. Our takeaway containers and cutlery are fully compostable. We pride ourselves for being a local, sustainable and ethical food business.

Our story

We are Maurizio and Abs, a Sardinian and a Jordanian who are passionate about Sardinia and its exquisite cuisine! We started Aio Ravioli as we felt this beautiful island is very little known compared to other Italian regions, and its food is so underrepresented in London. We wanted Londoners to taste one of the most traditional Sardinian dishes, and so we decided to focus our business on Culurgiones di Patate!

Aio Ravioli was born as an idea in 2016, we started trading in May 2017, and have not looked back since!


Find us

First 3 Sundays of every month – Bishop’s Park Farmers Market

Last Saturday of every month – Richmond Duck Pond Market

Get in touch!

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If you would like us to be part of your event, or if you require more information about, please get in touch by filling the below form. You can also email us directly at info@aioravioli.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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